About me

(As you can see: Fashion has always been a serious affair to me!) I was born in Vienna to a German mother and an Austrian father. My Austrian family consisted mainly of two sorts of people: psychiatrists and artists. All equally crazy but very funny and devoted to the love of nature. Going hiking in the mountains feeling like “Heidi” played a serious part of my childhood and certainly laid the foundation of my love for nature and the planet. Austria has kept part of it's innocence. When I go back today, swim in the crystal clear lakes or admire the majestically beautiful mountain landscape, I often wonder what life on this beautiful planet would be like if we stopped to continuously harm and destroy it. My love of nature has remained powerful and untouched.
Filling in the bits and pieces into my time line made me reflect the richness, beauty and also the immense challenges of this life's journey. Today I am able to see these challenges as teachings. It took me a long time to get here. I guess this is called: maturity and wisdom. Often without realizing, we re-invent ourselves and live many lives which then become part of who we are. Seeing myself on this photo and in my first Dirndl, does raise the question: what I was thinking at that moment? And if anybody had told me then about the journey I was going to embark on....

1984 – 1987 Studies of International Management (Ecole de Gestion & Management)

Studies of International Management “École Internationale de Maxim’s, Paris”. 3 years of diving deeply into the core of Management, International Affairs, Economical Systems, Strategic Planning & Leadership Skills. Diplôme de Gestion & Mangagment (State Accredited Institut)


1986 - 1994 The Paris Fashion Years


8 Years of Modelmangement and Modelscouting. Formative years diving deeply into many cultures by travelling the world and also spending every day with an avarage of 20 different nationalities. Establishing highly effective networks across Europe and the US, working out successful co-operations, detecting cultural “clashes” and finding solutions to overcome them. Identifying talent and potential: turning a girl from the countryside into an international star by revealing her unique talent. Managing careers: developing sustainable strategies and designing “best of” international career options. I learned from the best in the business – all in all a tough schooling but incredibly impactful and a very impressive study of the human operating system. I was  approached by investors who enabled me to open my own agency in Paris by the age of 27.

These years were exciting and helped me to develop the many skills I use today.


The Teaching

Learning to navigate through the difficult terrains of fashion-, film- and celebrity- egos with much diplomacy and sensitivity. Learning what it means to build an identity around achievements and what it means to loose it. Femininity: working in the only industry where women earned much more than men. Identifying the psychology of different cultures.

1993 Sabbatical Year

Tuning in and contemplating, what to do with my life. Integrating the shadows & light of previous years. Coming to the conclusion that I love the creativity of defining strategies and connecting, people……moving on to London.

1994 – 1999 The London Film Years

Using my skills in the film industry: Becoming an agent for film directors. Detecting young talent and kicking off careers. Working with established and renowned film directors and big brand names (Mercedes, Audi, L’Oréal, Beiersdorf, Telekom etc.) Building up successful networks, connecting people and creating new opportunities, expanding markets and possibilities. I looked for talent in unusual places, negotiated contracts or explored new areas like the science of the longest living people on earth.

Rose Hackney Barber Film Production, their highly acclaimed and iconic film directors like the award winning Graham Rose and Daniel Barber – and John Hackney, founder and visionary and certainly one of the most important teachers in my life.

Tomato is a multi-discipline design and film collective including a worldwide group of directors, designers, artists, writers, DJs, producers and composers, who develop cross-platform projects that are commercial, artistic and research based.

The Teaching

All these years spent with some of the visual leaders of our time helped me to develop a distinct sense of beauty and esthetics expressed through all mediums. Understanding the psyche of creative people, their sensitivity and vulnerability. Witnessing what it means to work under extreme pressure, responsibility and fulfilling expectations.

1994 – 2002 The Big Goodbyes

Death came along one day and became my ambitious and very strict teacher. 8 intensive years of saying goodbye to 4 people I loved and was very close too. Endless moments sitting with my beloveds, holding their hand and hoping they would not die. But they did. I was left with years of deep grieving. I learned what it means to shift perspective, to set other priorities – to go in. Becoming humble. Deep therapeutic work, meditation and studying Buddhism helped me to not collapse but to grow and mature.

2000 - 2014 The long Journey Home

Standing tall in my own creative expression was a long and challenging process. I was always deeply grateful for the many opportunities I had  to work with all these brilliant people and to travel the world at the same time. But deep inside, I was longing to find my own creative voice and expression. In these 14 years I was blessed to work on different levels and amazing projects: leading surprising dialogs with architects from Hong Kong, skateboarders from Los Angeles or scientists from the Philippines.

But is was only when I was given the opportunity to pour my creativity into small but very exclusive events that I started to find a way to fully live my creativity.


The Teaching

I saw heartbreak and tragedy when people are marginalised, disappointment when they do not see their own greatness, depression when they do not have the opportunity to fulfil their potential and live true to their greatest longing or unique creative depression. By finally finding my own expression and feeling what a big difference this made in my life, I realized that this means first of all deep healing and coming home inside of myself.

2000 – 2018 The Study of Western Psychology & Eastern Spirituality

Throughout this rich creative journey I have woven my studies of spiritual psychology, Buddhism, meditation and the evolution of consciousness and have acquired an in-depth knowledge of these subjects. My own search for meaning led me to places conducive to growth and healing. I attended seminars in India, America and Europe where I undertook extensive training. I lived in ashrams integrating Western Psychology and Eastern Spiritualty. I have been privileged to listen to hundreds of men and women of all ages. I consider this as one of the biggest gifts in my life: to share moments of true authenticity, to share their real stories, profound insights – joy and pain and above all – deep healing.

2002 – 2012 Créatrice D’Ambiance

I organized some big scale events, mostly weddings, which gave me the unique opportunity to fully express my creative desire. Seven days with 120 people in Tuscany, taking Marrakesh to the Loire Valley, decorating rooftops, emptying an office space in Paris and transforming it into a jungle. What a crazy, utterly rewarding and deeply nourishing journey. No more words needed – the best moments are exposed in my Sparkle & Fidelity video under: connect.

The Teaching

A wedding is an emotional magnifying glass. People come together for a celebration of love.  But what gets exposed at the same time is  what has grown silently over years:  disappointment sadness, anger, entitlement and expectations. I have lived the most beautiful and the most shocking moments. I learned how families structures work, how shadows are play out. The many seminars I attended taught me what the human psyche is all about – the weddings gave me a great opportunity to study on the ground.

2014 – 2018 Standing Tall & Coming Home

The moment had finally come. I understood that travelling the world, organising events and participating in film projects will never fulfil my hunger to bring change and healing to the world. Once I felt healed myself my focus turned outwards and I began to ask myself: how can I best serve, how can I use my expertise to contribute? I moved from Paris to Berlin and brought it all together: business, networking, my passion to see change in the world and my creativity.


The Teaching

Coming home is a Heroine’s Journey. Per stop and error, per success and failure, per ups and downs – joy and heartbreak.  We are left with one possibility which outshines the drama and helps us to endure the hardship: our willingness to learn and our intelligence to recognize a teaching behind everything, the possibility  to grow and mature. I bow my head in gratitude to the people on my path, to all the mentors, teachers, angels, mothers, brothers, the sisterhood and the many healing circles…..

2018 - 2021 Landing, Grounding, Healing

These years were all about landing. Moving to Kew Gardens (London) helped me to ground and exhale. Working internationally, empowering my clients by helping them to see their greatness, talents und unique gifts – contributed to their and also to my own healing. I am deeply moved to see how my work in the world comes into bloom.

2022- 2024 Creating a Home

SEVEN: A Resort for Consciousness in the South of France

With all the professional experience and wisdom acquired it is now time to bring my vision into the world: creating a place where people are received with the utmost care and love. A place that is beautiful, embedded in nature and carefully crafted down to the last detail. A place that provides a perfect setting for the individual to explore potential, vulnerability, yearning to know more, to cope in times of strife or to embark upon a new journey.

2024 Moving in

We are a community of people who share the same vision: creating a home for the soul. A place where we can work, heal and grow. A resort – ashram – retreat where people attend seminars, contemplate, develop new visions for a better world. Where leaders can retreat and heal.


07.07.2024 Opening

We are having 7 days of open house. We are celebrating our new Home for human and societal healing. A place where we are united by one believe: Another world is possible!