Connecting People

What I do: Connecting people & purpose through events with a social impact, initiating global conversations, starting movements and creating beautiful and meaningful moments!

People & Purpose

My devotion to beauty has found its most exhilarating expression in creating moods and events of all kinds. It could be as simple as decorating a table to transforming the roof-top of a castle into a white living room with chandeliers. I feel deeply grateful to have been given the opportunity to create outstanding moods and to have been trusted again and again. On the absolute altitude of my imagination I can create moments that will remain forever unforgettable.

Events with Social Impact

Créatrice d’Ambiance

Today I am dedicating this skill to create events which have a social impact. I feel a distinct longing to be in service to a greater cause. I use my sense of beauty to open hearts, ignite hope and help us understand that the only walls that exist are those we created inside ourselves.

The events I create are directed to all the senses: they are infused with art, poetry, music and film, intending to seduce you to experience a new paradigm.

The Feminine expressed & celebrated

I love to imagine, dream and create. It is a very feminine quality to bring beauty and warmth to our homes and families. When we live our activist moments we go to places which are often painful. It is soothing and warming to surround ourselves with beauty and femininity as an expression of ourselves.

3 years ago I initiated FemmeQ; an international conversation around the topic of feminine qualities. The FemmeQ events have been among the most rewarding moments in my life. A beautiful outcome of a life’s journey, an articulation of maturity and experience.

How it all began...

Organizing events has taught me important lessons in leadership and team- building. The sucess we had was solely based on the great family spirit we developed, which was caring, loving and very supportive. We endured the most challening moments (stuck trucks, devastating weather, tents collapsing…). I had to learn how to keep calm in the most challenging moments – and above all to line up with my team and keep the spirit high. No symphony without an orchestra.  A deep Thank You to all the beautiful & and talented people I was honoured to work with!

Beautifying a rooftop

The craziest project in terms of transforming anything into beauty was when I envisioned the rather sad looking rooftop of a castle into a beautiful white living room with curtains and chandeliers. The “Black & White” Ball was my last big project of that era and a real gift in terms of creative freedom.



Creating a fairytale moment

A princess wedding, a late love story which is a fairy tale in itself. My wonderful French team and I transformed the garden of this castle into a stage for this love story and the people who came to celebrate. We spent a week of friendship and creativity together and loved every moment of it.

1001 Nuits

One day, I was asked to bring Marrakesh to the Loire valley. I so loved the preparation of this event – spending time in Marrakesh which is certainly one of my favorite places in the world, talking to artists, learning about the brilliant ancient structural technique of a Bedouin tent – then spending ten days with these gifted people in order to transform a garden into “1001 Nuits”. A strom had devastated the garden 1 week before and heavy rain poured on the tents – we all had to go through this test of patience and perseverance but finally landed yet another fairy tale moment…..



La Maison Bulle

20 years of friendship connects me to my wonderful friend Helena. When she asked me to be her witness & wedding planner, I accepted with great pleasure. As a location of their wedding they chose “La Maison Bulle” in the South of France. Her husband Thomas had participated in the building of this house while he was a student in architecture. 20 years later he got married there. Life is telling the most beautiful stories.

Creating a Hippie Moment

Panarea is a small island in southern Italy. We came together for the wedding of my beloved friends Manuela & Carsten and enjoyed 5 days of connection and friendship.  I loved this evening we created: a hippie moment with live music and candles. These moments are rare gems in my treasure box of memories.


Sparkle & Fidelity

Being able to create these magical atmospheres is one of  the major gifts I offer and also a precious expression of my life’s work. This film is a 3 minute compliation of some of the most beautiful moments of the events I have created. Today I use this skill to connect change makers, raise consciousness and bring healing.