Films for Change

What I do: Films for change makers or with a social impact, production of webinars & online seminars, interviews about issues that matter to you, making your voice heard!

In love with film

I am passionate about film. As we live in a world where media is controlled by money and bad news apparently sells more papers, reality becomes distorted and an on going “news-nightmare”. With our films we offer the possibility to show a very different story, and by using this powerful tool we can radically change perspective.


Films for Action

Films can change perspective

Millions of people care about building a better world, looking after our planet, seeking to resolve conflict and profoundly believing in the good of humanity. While media ignores them and thereby feeds the image that people are bad and the planet will die, I deeply care about all the amazing people I meet and who are in service to the world and whose contribution is profoundly making a difference. I am passionate about creating possibilities to give people a voice and scale their message – may it be through film, events or connecting them. These people are my heroes.

The World of Film

My praise and love goes in particular to two people who have been my loyal companions on the path: Agata & Michi Welz. Not only are we best friends, but we also look back on 10 years of film making, 5 years of deep exploration of consciousness and a moment where time stood still: when I had the honour to officiate at their wedding. Today we are in service to the bigger cause and work on all our film projects together – with great dedication and lots of fun.

Mercedes - Tony Hawk

A woman who has changed my life is film director Jaci Judelson. We met through a documentary film project for Mercedes – portraying architects, skateboard legends, choreographers… and became friends on the path and soul sisters to boot. We have travelled the world together, found ourselves in the jungle of the Philippines, on the river Nile or in a laboratory in Mexico. But our favorite and most sacred moments of sisterhood take place at the Café Flore in Paris – sitting outside, having coffee and contemplating the meaning of life.

L'Oréal - Women in Science

One day Jaci asked me if I would like to engage in a series of documentaries she was directing for L’Oréal: “Women in Science”. We travelled to 5 continents to meet these incredibly intelligent, dedicated women. I entered another universe and began to understand how complex and complicated the scientific world can be; how dangerous when entangeled with economic greed or political interest. How patriarchical the system is and how suppressed the feminine qualities are. I consider Jaci as one of the most talented film directors of our times – she made this journey deep, unique and powerful. In hindsight I understand that these months set the foundation for what I am doing today: using my talents for a bigger cause. Merci de mon coeur – Jaci!

Films with a Cause

Today I use my skills and love for film to help change makers spread their message. In our Creative Unit we produce short documentaries, webinars, videos of our events and interviews. We love what we do and the feedback helps us to learn, improve and adjust. We are united by the common vision to help change makers share their vital message.

"Today I Rise"


I had the privilege to work with some of the most talented people in the film industry crafting iconic pieces of art in music videos, advertising films and documentaries. I feel deeply grateful to all these teachers who helped me understand excellence and to witness again and again how heartbreaking and painful the moment of creation can be. I have often wondered whether a deeper level of suffering produces a higher level of beauty?

Sometimes we feel kissed by life. It happens suddenly and without warning, like falling in love. This happened when a text I wrote on a very grey and cold afternoon in Berlin became a film. My creative partner Agata and I sat for days feeling immersed in a zone of imagination and healing. We both knew that something special wanted to emerge.”Today I Rise” was born.


This little 3 minute video was planned to be shown to 150 people at the first FemmeQ summit in Berlin. But life had other plans and “Today I Rise” left it’s harbour one day and travelled the world. 2.3 million views later it is still a wonder to us how this video touched so many people. I was contacted by women from all over the world who use this film as a meditation, as a remedy or as a motivation on the path.

Film has the potential to shift perspective. Documentary films shed light in darker corners of society, give a voice to people, detect injustice, show the bigger picture and uncover what goes on behind the scenes.

Film Gallery

Film has the potential to shift perspective. Documentary films shed light in darker corners of society, give a voice to people, detect injustice, show the bigger picture, uncover what goes on behind the scenes.