The future is feminine… bro!

My exploration and study of the feminine started at the age of nineteen when I moved to Paris and was exposed to the French culture. I observed that the feminine has its place in the every day life, in society and – nota bene – in men as well as women.

I am not a feminist but an ambassadress of the feminine.

I believe that women and men need to start a conversation. A conversation that is mature, intelligent and infused with deep wisdom.

In order to bring this conversation into the world I initiated the organisation FemmeQ. Society is aware of the qualities of IQ and EQ – I believe we need to now look at the intelligence of the feminine, FemmeQ, in order to address the problems we face today. Femininine qualities include being nurturing, compassionate, vulnerable, sensual, inclusive and developing the capacity of deep listening.

3 Years of FemmeQ

Hundreds of discussions held, thousands of pages read, hours of documentaries watched, different cultures explored.

Here are my 6 conclusions so far:

  1. 1. The Feminine is the river. The masculine is the riverbed. Yin and Yang. Shiva and Shakti. One is incomplete without the other. One is as important as the other. Only when balanced do they come to their full blossom.
  2. 2. If planet Earth was a child, it has been primarily raised by a father. What is needed now is a loving, caring and nurturing mother.
  3. 3. Humanity needs a software update, a next level of consciousness inclusive of the full human capacity - inclusive of feminine and masculine qualities.
  1. 4. We need to differentiate in order to integrate: reflecting what the feminine is and why it is so needed is the first and needed step.
  1. 5. In our conversations around the world we realized that there is much confusion about what the feminine is. Suppressed for such a long time, we lost connection. Now we are re-discovering it.
  1. 6. Women and men need to team up, walk side by side, honour each other, learn from each other, bow their head in deep respect to each other. We are in this together - we can only do this together.

FemmeQ is not a gender discussion. It is about honouring the feminine in women and men. Having said that, I still feel strongly about the necessity and the obligation of women to fully connect to their greatness, creativity and deep wisdom. I have dedicated a major part of my life to facilitating and encouraging this process.

Women have an inherent capacity to connect to their inner world. I believe that now we need to collectively go in, work on our shadows, clean house and become fulfilled, accomplished and responsible human beings, in order to take on the equality of leadership so needed in the world today.

Artwork by Lena Kusaite

Dear Wonder Woman,

What I wish most for us all is this:

  • The wisdom: to connect with our inner truth
  • The boldness: to stand tall
  • The intelligence: to remain humble
  • The sweetness: to include and nurture
  • The courage: to face our shadows
  • The clairity: to see what needs to be done
  • The generosity: to walk in somebody else’s shoes
  • The endurance: to remain on our inner path
  • The radical belief: that another world is possible
  • Mind the gap. Get into gear. Unite!
Tribe Up

Today I Rise

My film partner Agata and I created this 3 minute video “Today I Rise”, which now has over 3 million views. We had to take it off the internet as we originally created it for inhouse use only and did not clear the copyrights. “Today I Rise” opened hearts and doors to the world:  hundreds of comments and emails came back to us and we are deeply moved by all the beautiful words of appreciation.