What is it?

The Seven Resort is a project we are currently working on developing.


A resort for personal development, cutting edge consciousness & healing we are currently working on developing

The world we live in is a connected organism where a healing movement of one individual positively impacts the whole. The problems we face as individuals manifest in our society, its leadership and the environment. It is imperative now more than ever, to face our problems, ‘clean house’, and align our actions to our values. Our community is becoming a growing platform enabling and nurturing this necessary shift.

„In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion.“ - Albert Camus

Seven Steps to Pure Bliss

  1. 1. From Body to Soul
    The Resort represents the next logical step in the evolution of the wellness industry, from wellness of body to holistic approaches that speak to the human being as whole; inclusive of mind, emotions and spirit.
  1. 2. From Basic to Luxury
    The first ecological luxury resort for transformation in Europe, a place where sophistication meets consciousness, filling a gap in the current landscape between wellness hotels and personal development institutes.
  2. 3. From Many to One
    A seal of quality in the field of personal transformation, we seek to unify the personal development market, uniting to all methods and philosophies that serve healing and truth. To this aim, we will provide a series of retreats in four key categories: transformation, leadership, spirit and creativity.
  1. 4. From Follow to Lead
    A buzzing platform of new ideas and concepts, the Resort will host authentic leadership programs where seasoned leaders engage others in the transformation of the corporate world.
  2. 5. From Solve to Evolve
    Understanding the danger imposed upon our planet by the current political landscape, the Flourish Initiative is committed to protecting the earth and environment by practicing, safe- guarding and promoting sustainable resource.
  1. 6. From Separate to Connected
    Working from a paradigm of collaboration rather than competition, the Flourish Initiative has already established strategic alliances with visionaries, seeking to unite these ‘agents for change’ in our global community.
  2. 7. From Playstation to Tipi-tent
    Safeguarding the future begins with safeguarding our children. We will create adventure retreats for children, inviting families to enjoy the innocence and intimacy of moonlight camps and Tipi-Tents. Parents are able to pursue their own journey of transformation whilst children explore pursuits that are designed to capture their imagination.

About the Resort

How we will live & work

The Resort will be our ultimate Home, a place where we want to live and work. Everything we do today adjusts to this vision and what we experience on a daily level is an excellent preparation for the path we embark upon: as entrepreneurs, as spiritual seekers and as founders of several global organisations.

Seven is a resort for personal development, cutting edge consciousness and healing. A place, which is stunningly beautiful and carefully crafted down to the last detail. A resort, that offers a uniquely balanced combination of seminars 1on1 sessions, conferences and a variety of facilities, which help to integrate the experience while meditating in a floating tank, watching an illuminating documentary or hanging out at the library with a great book.

A perfect setting for people to explore their potential, vulnerability their yearning to know more about themselves, or to find help and connection in times of strife.

Coming Home


My personal story

My devotion to create a place where people can experience to live in a loving, nurturing and peaceful community is fuelled by the strong belief that we need places where we can gather, create new models, shift perspective and heal.

In the 20 years of my career, I have worked in the areas of fashion, film and advertising. It has been my good fortune to be able to work with many creative and brilliant people. But time and time again, I have seen how people can be shattered by their experiences or lose themselves within the burdens of their profession. Many seek refuge in drugs, some fall seriously ill or lose themselves in depression.

And so I began to ask, where can people go when life becomes too overwhelming and beyond their resources to cope?

There is too great a distance between a burnout clinic and the courageous decision to attend a silent retreat in an ashram in India.

I have learned over the years through talking to people on a deeply personal level and in business, that we all share the same dreams, fears, desires, cares – and suffering.

I have realized that there is an ever-increasing awareness and that people are searching for meaning and a place where help is given. Furthermore, many of these people, who have achieved great success, are looking for ways to give back to become contributing members of today’s complex society.

My interest turned to searching for locations, which serve as places of refuge. Places of growth and healing. Most of the ones I found were in India and America and a few in Europe. I attended many seminars myself and underwent training. My own experiences and my own development showed me what is possible and what can be achieved by various approaches.

Seven will be a place where people are received with the utmost care and love. A place which is not only beautiful in its natural setting but one which is carefully crafted down to the last detail to provide the perfect setting for the center’s attention: the individual. Here you are welcome as yourself; with your vulnerability, your resolve to embark on new paths or your simple wish to resource.