It is Time for a Revolution

“The enormous multitude was the living, beating heart of an infinitely noble movement. It was an army without guns, but not without strength. It was an army into which no one had to be drafted. It was white and Negro, and of all ages. It had adherents of every faith, members of every class, every profession, every political party, united by a single ideal. It was a fighting army, but no one could mistake that its most powerful weapon was love.”

– Martin Luther King, Letter from the Birmingham Jail, 1963

Wild at Heart

I bow my head to the courageous people who came before me, who endured rejection, fear and interminable suffering to start a revolution. I bow my head to the many humans who had to die without seeing the fruits of their work, who never found peace or recognition while alive.

My life started within a family, which made me….wonder. I did not fit in and remember rebelling against injustice, arrogance and willful blindness from an early age. I almost got thrown out of school seven times and often felt a painful “outsider loneliness”: not belonging because of my rebellious spirit. This changed once I moved to France at the age of 19. I felt surrounded by kindred spirits and loved the French way to not accept, not give in and walk the streets united by one vision.

My heart will always be French. I found peace in this country. Turning anger into a force for good and moving from hopelessnes to action has certainly been one of the most important steps in my life.

This mood board shows (from left to right)  Activism through Femininity (Princess Leia, Starwars) Activism through Faith (Joan of Arc) Activism through Hip Hop (Erykah Badu) Activism through Art (Frieda Kahlo) Activism through Direct Action (Women’s March, London) Activism through Consciousness (my teacher: Thomas Hübl) Activism through Fashion (Franca Sozziana, Italian Vogue) Activism through Music (Marvin Gaye) Activism through Literature (Lou Andreas Salomé) & me in the middle: Activism through Humour! 

Taking a Stand

My passion to bring change to the world is not fuelled by anger but by my knowledge and experience of a lifetime: I saw change happen – within myself, the people I walked with and within systems. Change is possible, another world is possible!

  1. 1. I am fully responsible and can wake up from the "Matrix" at any moment.
  2. 2. My talents must serve a higher cause - we are the ones we have been waiting for.
  3. 3. Planet Earth & Humanity needs me and all of us to heal. It is very late but not too late.
  1. 4. I can shift the energy and transform my anger into a force for good.
  1. 5. I need to stand tall in my values and beliefs.
  1. 6. We need a revolution!

It’s Time for a Revolution

  • End white supremacy
  • End patriarchy
  • End capitalism
  • End economic criminality
  • End (the utter stupidity) of militarising the world
  • End the biggest crime on earth: violence against women
  • End the devastating pollution of the planet
  • End poverty