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Devotion to Beauty

My devotion to beauty is a devotion to all forms of life. I long to open hearts, show new perspectives, empower and heal. My creativity is in service to humanity & the planet.

Creating this website has felt like a rite of passage. It is a reflection of my life’s journey and has been a deeply healing process. It is not a business site (I already have 3) but an expression of myself beyond boundaries and limitations.

In my journey through life, I have explored many cultures, professional careers and ways of living. It has been a longing and a quest to find myself, to find peace of mind –  to become whole. Looking back, I understand the extent to which the world outside is a mirror of my inner world. I am convinced that the deep exploration of my inner landscape has helped me create a life where my passion, talent and values are now aligned.

I welcome you in my life!

What I love to do

After a life journey searching for meaning & expression, I use my skills, maturity and wisdom to do the 3 things I am most passionate about. Every day I feel deeply grateful to do what I am doing:

Another World is Possible


Devotion to Beauty

I believe we are born many times. The transition from one phase of life to another is often a tumultuous affair: it comes with all the pushing and pulling of painful contractions.

While we are in these transitions, we don’t always understand what this could possibly be all about or where we will land.

For years I had travelled the world and sadly witnessed the immense suffering of humanity and nature: poverty, pollution, injustice, war. I felt pain and overwhelm without knowing what I could do or where to begin. In March 2015 I attended a seminar called “Inner Action” by Scilla Elworthy and Karen Downes and was born once more.


That day I understood that another world is possible. That day I dared to hope again and unleashed my passion to be part of the solution – not the problem.

This has been my personal Rite of Passage; an initiation into a new phase, going full circle. Today I combine my talents and expertise with my core values, beliefs  and passion to create.

Today, I express my love for people through highlighting the beauty within and without.

This is my tribute to the possibilities everyone has to heal ourselves and the planet, thus changing the devastating course we are on, and creating a world we have the courage to believe in.

Vision & Mission

Who I am and what I bring to the world is: Femininity, Introspection, Homecoming, Revolution. My life has been a profound exploration of the feminine, a long journey of introspection and healing, my own homecoming, which unearthed my deep desire to create a tribal home for all,  and a revolution based on love, compassion & deep feminine wisdom.

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Today I Rise

A film which changed my life forever

Little did I know when I wrote the text and co-produced the film “Today I Rise” that it will go viral and reach more than 3 million people. We never know what happens when we align our calling and creativity. Who we reach and what a difference we make in the life of people… And how blessed we will feel in return.

The world is missing what I am ready to give: my wisdom, my sweetness, my love and my hunger for peace. I weep with the trees and the rivers and the earth in distress. I rise and shine and I am ready to go on my quest. Today I rise…Without doubt or hesitation. Today I rise. Without excuses – Without procrastination. Today I call my sisters to join. A movement of resoluteness and ….concern. Today is my call to action. I will fulfill my mission. Without further distraction.

Today is the day! Today I will start to offer the world: The Wisdom of my heart.