Personal Branding

What I do: helping you to stand tall in what you do, defining your talents, developing your business and telling your personal story in an engaging and creative way. Shine your Light!

I love to listen to  your  story.  Your journey is of such individual beauty. I want to discover every skill, hidden talent and the many aspects of who you are to create a platform showcasing the real you.

Be unique, courageous, sophisticated, wild, loving and impressively humble: Change the World

..and impressively humble: Change the World

unique, courageous, sophisticated, wild, loving...

How can you access modern tools and technologies to represent you, your business, your mission & vision to the world? Together we will develop the opportunities to scale your message and expand your reach.

A Rite of Passage

I would call my service a Rite of Passage.

Success is a very subtle interplay of different aspects like talent, personality, devotion and focus. Our skill sets come in countless varieties and we can often not see them. I can. I have always been passionate to birth talent. I have trained for many years in different cultures, professions and on different levels of consciousness.

Looking back on 25 years of experience, I have managed international careers, discovered and developed talent,  helped to see opportunities and created international networks.

Today, I use this expertise to make sure the people I work with move into their full capacity and become very successful and ultimately fulfilled in what they do best.

I feel grateful and moved to use this expertise to help people on their quest to change the world.



Healing the World

How we can work together and let your light shine

While travelling the world, I met astonishing people who have dedicated their life to bringing about change and healing. Their creativity, expertise and wisdom is such an important contribution to the world. I am passionate about helping change makers have maximum impact.

  1. 1. We look at your life together and answer the following questions: what are the three things you would like to do, who are you, what needs to be told?
  2. 2. I listen to your life journey. We develop a new narative and decide together how your story can be told in its most beautiful and engaging form.
  1. 3. Your inner beauty will be represented through the outer beauty of your very individual visual world. No templates - this is a all about... the unique you!
  2. 4. Is your business an authentic representation of what you want to bring into the world? Are you totally aware of all the possibilities you have?
  1. 5. We will discover the opportunities you have missed, create new connections, define your next strategic steps and scale your business.
  2. 6. A Rite of Passage: once you give your mission & vision full attention you will walk through the world in a different way. You will shine your light.

Coming Home

Meeting Michael, my business partner, felt like a homecoming - finding the one person who shares my passion for the visual world. We can not only have endless conversations about layout, fonts, images and design, but are especially united by our understanding that the world needs another level of consciousness to solve the problems we are facing. Michael has a distinct sense of the way modern business works and his creativity expands into all the facets of business opportunities. Working together has been a joyful and deeply nourishing experience. We so love what we are doing – and this love finds it expression in the beauty of our projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you might ask yourself...

Why should I work with you?

Because so many accomplished people are inadequately represented in the digital world. It takes another person to see the importance of your message and tell your story. Together we can enable you to become alive for your audience and an engaging example of what the world needs now.

How long does it take?

It can be anything between 1 week and 1 month depending on how intensively we can work together. We will sparkle each other up.

What to expect?

Deep conversations, jumping outside of the box, daring greatly, feeling introspective, looking into the future, creating new possibilities, exploring vulnerability, laughing through the ups, crying through the downs, looking at beautiful things, having fun.

My greatest motivation?

The joy to see you walk through the world standing tall in who you are and in what you know to be true. It is witnessing the shift inside of yourself, which motivates me. Or as Diana Vreeland says “the only real elegance is in your mind, if you got that, the rest really comes from it” – so let’s bring that into the world.